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Timeless Design.

Our goal is to offer products of the highest quality and exceptional durability at affordable prices to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

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designed with heart

The class and elegance of the designs comes from the belief that simple means beautiful. Our vision, is your convenience.

Tailored to your needs

and preferences

Every element of these chairs is designed with your daily needs in mind – we want to make your life more comfortable.

Only selected

durable materials

We believe that quality should be the main factor when purchasing furniture.




The NILA chair impresses with its lightness and style, and thanks to our versatile fabric, you can easily match it with many interior designs.


This is our answer to the minimalist mantra – Less is More. A classic design of wooden chairs.


MERI TAP chair is a minimalist form based on slender wooden legs, which provide stable support to the whole. Filling the seat and back with soft foam is a certainty of comfortable use.


It was created to provide comfort in a classic form. The chair looks modern, and the thick foam on the seat provides great comfort.

Our main features

Modern Design

Durable manufacturing quality

Quality check

Latest market trends

Customer support

Efficient delivery and logistics



We emphasize the natural look of wood. Each chair is subtly different from each other – after all, no two trees are the same.


The high-quality squishy textiles we use for chair upholstery are easy to maintain and clean. With their texture they resemble velvet.


We know how to construct chairs to make them strong and durable. Each piece is handmade and installed with accuracy and precision.

About Us

We are specialists in creating furniture that you just want to sit on. Our goal is to compose chairs that combine classic craftsmanship and modernity.

We focus on sourcing the highest quality materials, so the product you receive is aesthetically pleasing and durable.

We believe in the uniqueness of refined furniture, do you?


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